• Ras G – Take It Slow

    Ras G – Take It Slow

    By Mason Strehl on November 13, 2014

    All you Ras G fans out there will be pretty excited about the Brainfeeder, Leaving Records and Low End Theory artist’s newest track ‘Take it Slow’. But what I think you’ll be more excited about is the announcement that comes with it – Ras G will be releasing a new album Down To Earth Vol. 2 (The Standard Boom Bap Edition).

    The three-minute long track will leave you nodding uncontrollably as the infectious be a weaves in and out of vocal samples, guitar riffs, and grooving bass. Ras G has definitely got a handle on chopping samples and making something cool out of it. ‘Take it Slow’ will act as the first single on his upcoming record and a tribute to the boom-bap style of production.

    “This is dedicated to those all over the planet who recognize and respect the sound.” – Ras G

  • Hex One & 5th Element – Deep Cover ’14 (Video)

    Hex One & 5th Element – Deep Cover ’14 (Video)

    By Mason Strehl on November 10, 2014

    Now we’ve been listening to Hex One, one half of Epidemic, for a while now. We know he can rip the mic better than your favorite emcee, but this new track is something new. It’s a savage barrage of lyrical might, meant to hit you in the dome and drop you. For the entire 3ish minutes Hex demands your full attention, and its warranted. He is joined by 5th Element on this one, who chops up a banger of a beat that loops in and out of symphonic melodies. It’s the perfect pairing, and it makes one hell of a tribute to Big Pun who was born today in ’71. The track will live on Hex One and 5th Element’s Hologramz record coming soon via Mic theory Records.

  • Nappy Roots – HAZY

    Nappy Roots – HAZY

    By Mason Strehl on November 9, 2014

    It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a track coming out of legendary souther hip-hop group Nappy Roots, but that all changes today. The quartet comes together for a new track titled ‘HAZY’, a part of their newest ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ campaign, which will feature a Nappy new song every friday. The campaign will lead to a precipice that will be their newest album The 40 Akerz Project‘HAZY’ is a blast from the past with Nappy Roots returning to their roots with hard hitting beats and southern tinted rhymes.

  • T-Pain – Stoicville

    T-Pain – Stoicville

    By Mason Strehl on November 6, 2014

    Since I started this blog I never thought I would be posting T-Pain. I started the blog to inform people there was different music aside from that mainstream music he was putting out at the time. A week ago I saw T-Pain’s NPR Tiny Desk concert and it changed my perspective on the artist.

    Today he dropped a new track titled ‘Stoicville’. and I must say its actually pretty damn good. The whole thing is sans auto tune and its quite refreshing to hear the change of pace. He comes through with not only a strong voice and style, but deep and introspective lyrics. This track will live on his upcoming album with the same name as this single, but we’ll see when it drops. I’m honestly a little excited about this project.

  • Luke Christopher – TMRW TMRW Pt. 2

    Luke Christopher – TMRW TMRW Pt. 2

    By Mason Strehl on October 9, 2014

    Along the years I have seen many artists come and go, grow from small hometown acts go to touring worldwide. And generally the trend I se is a loss in artistic integrity as time goes on. Luke Christopher has always been going the opposite way, with each project pushing the envelope and just getting better and better in general. His newest project, TMRW TMRW Pt. 2 is no different. He puts his best foot forward and sets a new precedent with an album thats more entertaining, engaging, and authentic than ever.

    The project is a sizable body of work at 15 tracks, but it’s been in the making for quite some time too with TMRW TMRW part one having been released in 2012. The project is for the most part self produced which is impressive in it’s self before you press play. When you do, you’ll be blown away by the sheer creativity of the sample-heavy compositions. They span and combine several genres, while drawing from solidly hip-hop roots throughout. It’s quite the development both in his production and his rhyming skills.

    The lyrical ability of Luke is pretty prominent on this project as well, with content ranging from lyrical love ballads to though roughly thought out storytelling. He has a few small features including appearances from Asher Roth, Baily, Foster The People, Wave Racer, Shlohmo, Brody Brown and Banks. It makes for an overall pretty fun project. Check the stream out below and if you dig it, hit the download.

    Download: Luke Christopher – TMRW TMRW Pt. 2