• McKinley Dixon – Peter Truman

    McKinley Dixon – Peter Truman

    By Mason Strehl on September 11, 2014

    This project is a bit old, but I definitely feel like it should be shared. From TMR newcomer, but future mainstay McKinley Dickson, comes an EP titled Peter Truman. The project is brief, at only about 5 tracks, but each track is golden. 

    The short project comes out to about 3 tracks, with two bonus instrumental live mixes courtesy of Nathanael Clark. Other than that the instrumental style is strictly jazz. All beat arrangements were done by Nicholas Cheung and Dixon, and they echo some of the greatest jazz hop instrumentals from the likes of Nujabes. McKinley is a very impressive wordsmith, and after listening through once, you’ll know what I mean. His lyrics are clever, conscious, and they tell a story – something I find most impressive. Many emcees these days rap and don’t say anything, which is certainly not the case with Dixon. You can tell his work is crafted by a love of music, and it makes for a very authentic feel. 

    The project is worth a few listens for sure, and once you do that, go buy it. He is currently working on a new project which hopefully will come to light soon. Until then, keep this one on repeat. 

    Download: McKinley Dixon – Peter Truman

  • Helldogs Kris – Sun Stoked

    Helldogs Kris – Sun Stoked

    By Mason Strehl on September 11, 2014

    We have featured producer Helldogs Kris here on TMR before, but never a full project. That changes today with the release of his latest project titled Sun Stroked. It is his first project with Roots of Society, an independent label on the come up.

    The project is 8 track long, with two features form Sheik Ron and Marco Basagilia, who both add a bit to the project. The real focus here, because it’s an instrumental album, is Kris’s production, which is impressive on all fronts. Throughout the project a simple theme follows through – each track is a drop of sunny feel-good vibe. The production is bright, peppy, and well arranged, which, as summer is coming to an end, just what we need. Stream the project below and head over an support this good music.

    Download: Helldogs Kris – Sun Stroked 

  • Diamond District (Oddisee, yU, Uptown XO) – First Step

    Diamond District (Oddisee, yU, Uptown XO) – First Step

    By Mason Strehl on August 29, 2014

    Diamond District consists of producer and emcee Oddisee, yU, and Uptown XO, all hailing from the DMV area. In 2009 they graced our ears with a critically acclaimed album, In The Ruff, and now, after half a decade, they’re back for more. The new album they have in the pipeline is titled March on Washington, and will be released on October 14th, but not before a few outstanding singles. 

    The first of these is titled “First Step”, and features all three emcees spitting “wisdom over rhyming” over the tough Oddisee production. It’s an aggressive cut with an emphasis on strong lyricism and style, of which Diamond District has in excess. Stream the track below and Be on the lookout for anything new before the album drops on October 14th. 

  • ADAD – Get It Together (Prod. Q-Tip)

    ADAD – Get It Together (Prod. Q-Tip)

    By Mason Strehl on August 27, 2014

    We’ve come across Chi-town emcee ADAD in the past, but never posted him. But that’s not from a lack of quality, and that’s proved by his latest track produced by none other than living-legend Q-tip. The new track, titled ‘Get it Together’ is a jazzy, fun track that flows with energy. The track has an insanely catchy chorus, and strong wordplay – it’s not a track you want to miss. Oh, and Q-Tip gives him one hell of a cosign.

  • Your Old Droog – Just Rhyming’ With Skizz

    Your Old Droog – Just Rhyming’ With Skizz

    By Mason Strehl on August 26, 2014

    This video is pretty exciting. Besides it featuring a dope beat courtesy of DJ Skizz and a rhyme from Your Old Droog, the most enigmatic emcee in the game lifts the veil on his identity. Well, not entirely, but enough to know he’s not Nas. People will say he’s lip synching and Nas is playing them, but to me thats a stretch. Just accept that Your Old Droog is the new kid on the block who rhymes better than you and most everyone else. This track is just another example of exquisite wordplay paired with a good sense of humor and knowledge. Check it out below and follow Droog’s advice to “buy shit when it drops”.