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Here we are back for our artist of the week. This kid is something special, with an insane flow and great lyrics but still at the age of 16. This kid has a lot of potential and he’s got his sights for the top. And I have no doubt he will get there. Support him on Facebook and Twitter. Look for big things from this kid.

Interview: Please read as you would a conversation

Mason: So we can just get started, ok first of all do you want to tell me a bit about yourself?

Deon: I go by the name of Deon Chase, I’m 16, born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, I started rapping when I was 9, this year will be the junior year of high school. That’s about it.

Mason: When did you decide that your music wasn’t a hobby anymore and you wanted to go public with it?

Deon: It wasn’t a hobby for me anymore probably about freshman year I made my first mixtape. Probably 8th grade too, I started messing around with recording, and I was like “ I could prolly do something with this”

Mason: So how do you think Boston influenced your music?

Deon: Just how real it is out here, I have to be me, to the hundred, I can’t talk about guns, selling drugs. If you talk about that around here, people will know and point you out and mess with your music, so you have to just be you, which is what I did, and once your comfortable with yourself, everybody (Likes?) your music.

Mason: Where does your music come from in your life, and what drives you to create it?

Deon: Really just everyday things, like if I feel like relationships aren’t working ill probably grab a (take?) more towards a heartbreak girl song. And if I see something like a hater talking about me, it just builds up my drive to go grind, I’ll just talk about me, and my road to success with my music. Just everyday feelings.

Mason: What was your goal from the start of your music career?

Deon: My goal from the start was basically to let everyone know about my music, hear my story, hear my voice, know my city, know the story of a kid that dreamed. Its kinda cliché but a dream-like story like coming from nothing and just making a name, and getting what you deserve

Mason: What’s been the most important milestone in your career?

Deon: Right now? I would say one of my latest videos I’m On One, which hit 3,000 views in less than two weeks, which is big for me, and the upcoming show I have at the Middle East, which is a big venue. Usually artists who perform there are artist that are about to blow up, Wiz Khalifa was there right before he got big, Big Sean, all those artists so once you get there, and your name starts ringing around that area, you know you did something good. So that’s gonna be a good show.

Mason: How would you describe your musical style, apart from other artists?

Deon: I say its different because it’s coming from a perspective of (someone) growing up in this era, listening to a lot of old school music, and mixing it with new music, so its like a combination, it feels like the kids now, who dream to be better than followers, (smart?) as in like new leer stance, compared to most music, where people have a follow and make what is relevant.

Mason: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Deon: Me? I’m a big soul fan, I love soul like Marvin Gaye, Jill Scott Heron, and I have to say I listen to a lot of hip-hop too.

Mason: What do you see as your competition?

Deon: Well I wouldn’t say competition cause before Boston out here was known for hating, were not gonna help any other artists. But now it’s not competition, its more were trying to get together and make a name for Boston so there’s no a lot of competition.

Mason: Could you tell me about some of your upcoming work?

Deon: Right now I’m working on a street album, all original work, with a couple features, the title’s not decided yet, but I’m trying to put at least 18 tracks on it. Its gonna be a good full-bodied work.

Mason: Are you planning to make any new music videos off this project?

Deon: Oh yea, probably a good 1/3rd of the songs on this project will have videos. I’m working on a couple more videos this month, I’m hoping to release another one by the end of this month, its gonna be a busy month.

Mason: What’s something that someone who knows nothing about you should know?

Deon: They should know that everything I say in my songs, comes from the heart and it’s not gimmick rap, it’s all what I see, what I do, things I believe in. what I do isn’t just easy, like all grind and hustling.

Mason: Now that you’re in the game whats next?

Deon: Next is just working up some new music, branching out to more artists, and just working harder than ever.

Some tracks by Deon: Hit the links for the download

  1. Deon Chase – Da Break Loose
  2. Deon Chase – I’m On One
  3. Deon Chase – Right Back 
  4. Deon Chase – Just Livin’

I’m On One Video: