We have seen the best mixtapes of the year, and the best songs, and now it is time for the final part of the best of the year: music videos. Many new frontiers have been reached this year with music videos because of artist’s want to be creative and push the envelope. Here they are, the top 10 music videos of 2011!

Midnight city has made a phenomenal video here. I’m not quite sure what is going on in it but it is awesome. But don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Mac Miller has a knack for making great music videos, and this i think is by far his best. It’s fun, weird, and most of all, it has a good soundtrack!

Macklemore is a genius at making videos that mean something. This is one of my all time favorites because it tells a story, and connects to the listener on a very down to earth level. Our TMR Post: HERE

This video is Amazing, as always with Macklamore’s videos. Take example and throw that kinda party for new years eve. Our TMR Post: HERE

This video is GREAT. XV shows his comical side and plays out a scene straight from south park. Hilarious. Our TMR Post: HERE

This video is great, Marvin Solveig goes up against another DJ in a tennis match. Not as boring as it sounds…Our TMR Post: HERE

This song is just another great video from Logic. Just a great song with great visuals. Enough said. Our TMR Post: HERE

Julius myth has made a number of Videos this year, but the best i believe is this one. Take a peep. Our TMR Post: HERE

One of the top songs of the year is followed by one of the top videos of the year. It is a great video, but it is kinda strange…Our TMR Post: HERE

I love this one, it is really well done, and it features some of my favorite artist. Our TMR Post: HERE